Blackthorn Foods is a family business which specialises in award winning handmade fudge



Blackthorn Foods specialises solely in the manufacture of a quality hand made fudge. Blackthorn Foods is a family business based in Belfast and is run by three sisters Cathy, Jenny and Dorothy. They made fudge throughout their childhood and in 2004 they decided to turn their passion into a business and the Melting Pot brand of fudges was launched. The sisters ethos is ‘less is more’. They keep it simple from the ingredient list right through to the packaging.


The production process is also very simple, just like it was when they were growing up. Both the Traditional and Non Dairy fudges are made in open pots and each small batch is hand beaten.  This gives the Melting Pot fudges its uniquely smooth and creamy texture. The Melting Pot fudges come in a range of 14 flavours.  All the flavours are natural and contain no artificial flavours, additives or emulsifiers.  Ten of these flavours have been entered into the Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards and have successfully gained an award.  The Sisters feel that their success is because they stay true to their roots, they only want to make fudge but make the best fudge possible.

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